We’ve been asking our readers to share the leaflets they’ve been receiving as the general election campaign hots up.

From the campaign material they’ve shared with us so far, some themes have emerged.

The Conservative leaflets are heavily dominated by the presence of Theresa May, in a formal some of our readers found distinctly presidential.

We’ve seen Brexit warnings and anti-Corbyn slogans from the Liberal Democrats, particularly in heavily Remain-voting seats.

Labour MPs, meanwhile, seem to be emphasising their local record more than their party’s choice of leader.

We share some of the leaflets – plus readers’ analysis – below. We’re still hankering for more, so if you’ve received any of note, share them with us.

Our local incumbent candidate, David Burrowes, stuck to the party line – two instances of “Strong and Stable Leadership” in the first paragraph, and the necessary “weak and chaotic coalition”.

At the end, it’s back to “strong leadership” and a “strong local voice”, but I don’t feel particularly like I can turn to an MP who seems to vote so frequently against people like me having a good quality of life.

Nina Grant, Enfield

“It says, ‘if you want to make a real difference, back me by voting for my candidate, Michelle Donelan’ and is signed Theresa May.

So it’s her candidate, not the party’s candidate ? This is getting too personal.

John Molyneaux, Bradford on Avon

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By Laurie Butler

18 May 2017, 13:33

A leaflet from Chris Leslie, Labour MP since 2010. The headline predicts that the election in Nottingham East could be the ‘closest in decades’. As it would take a 17% swing for the Tories to take the seat, this is either gamesmanship to motivate the base or Leslie is in real trouble. Leslie resigned from the frontbench the day Corbyn became leader. There isn’t a single mention in the leaflet of Corbyn, what a Labour government would do or even – apart from the masthead – any mention of the Labour Party at all.

It’s all attacks on the Tories and Leslie’s stands on local issues.

Alex Evans, Nottingham East

Our MP takes up the whole of the first side of the leaflet criticising the election he and the rest of Labour MPs voted for . On the reverse he then calls the election ‘crucial’! There is nothing in this leaflet about his vision or the party’s for either the country or the constituency.

Anonymous, Birmingham

Not a mention of local candidate Nick Clegg. No wonder, he’s rarely here.

Amanda Forrest, Sheffield

This is a 78% remain constituency full of centre-left middle class labour voters. Brexit is the only story in town and there’s a degree of dismay in the Labour leadership’s attempts to sideline the issue during this election. So this is a pretty smart position for the Lib Dems to be taking I think. Around here anyway.

Anonymous, West Norwood, London